OpenPGP Public Key Server


Here you will find links to both releases and a CVS Snapshot [sig].

All of our releases are signed, and you can get our PGP keys here (or from your favorite public key server). The signator of releases and snapshots may vary, depending on who generated and uploaded the tarball. At the moment, releases are signed by Richard Laager, and the CVS snapshot is signed by Chris Kuethe.

Feel like testing the db4 back-end support? Grab the CVS snapshot and read the README.

If you like to live on the edge, read the instructions about checking out a copy of our latest code using CVS. The module name is "pks".

To browse the CVS repository using ViewCVS, click here.

PKS's developers are Chris Kuethe, Richard Laager, David Shaw and M. Drew Streib as well as many contributors on the mailing list.

This product uses software developed by Marc Horowitz. His site for PKS (up to version 0.9.4) is

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