OpenPGP Public Key Server

OpenPGP Keys

PKS developers use the following keys:

pub  1024D/E3DB8B0E 2002-11-18 Chris Kuethe <>
     Key fingerprint = 55F0 8721 4ECF 7E87 9A56  3EDD F1B2 F17C E3DB 8B0E
pub  4096R/99242560 2002-01-28 David M. Shaw <>
     Key fingerprint = 7D92 FD31 3AB6 F373 4CC5  9CA1 DB69 8D71 9924 2560
pub  2048R/3CB3B415 1998-04-03 David M. Shaw <>
     Key fingerprint = 4D 96 83 18 2B AF BE 45  D0 07 C4 07 51 37 B3 18
pub  1024D/66FBC18C 2000-11-21 M. Drew Streib <>
     Key fingerprint = 4FA5 B256 ACD7 A628 401B  0B39 8368 BB59 66FB C18C
pub  1024D/5E1F1BCE 2000-12-01 Richard James Laager (Richie Laager) <>
     Key fingerprint = 03D4 AED7 0990 0162 EDF5  5183 6DF5 3AB9 5E1F 1BCE
                               Richard James Laager (Richie Laager) <>
                               Richard James Laager (Richie Laager) <>
                               Laager, Richard James <>
                               LAAG0007 <>

PKS's developers are Chris Kuethe, Richard Laager, David Shaw and M. Drew Streib as well as many contributors on the mailing list.

This product uses software developed by Marc Horowitz. His site for PKS (up to version 0.9.4) is

Complaints, comments, concerns, questions, etc. about this page may be sent to to Chris Kuethe.

Copyright © 2003 Chris Kuethe, Richard Laager