OpenPGP Public Key Server


Welcome to the OpenPGP Public Key Server page at SourceForge!

Here you will find links to the latest versions of PKS available for download, the OpenPGP keys of the PKS developers, and information about the PKS mailing lists.

For a quick introduction to OpenPGP, you are encouraged to read How PGP works. If you're wondering why you should use OpenPGP, please read Why do you need PGP?. To find the latest version of an OpenPGP-compliant application for your operating system, please visit The latest PGP versions. (We encourage the use of GnuPG because it is free software.)

Feel like testing the db4 back-end support? Grab the CVS snapshot [sig] and read the README.

PKS's developers are Chris Kuethe, Richard Laager, David Shaw and M. Drew Streib as well as many contributors on the mailing list.

This product uses software developed by Marc Horowitz. His site for PKS (up to version 0.9.4) is

Complaints, comments, concerns, questions, etc. about this page may be sent to to Chris Kuethe.

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